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The most reliable hard drives in the world

SeaGate Hard Drive

Backblaze has launched its hard power reliability statistics for Q3 2017.

Backblaze, which supplies backup answers, in comparison hard drives used in its operations from Seagate, Western Digital, Toshiba, and HGST.

In Q3 2017, Backblaze presented 10TB and 12TB hard drives into its information centres.

“We continued to retire 3TB and 4TB hard drives to increase storage density, and we added over 59 petabytes of data storage to bring our total storage capacity to 400 petabytes,” stated Backblaze.

Reliability was once measured as an annualised failure price, calculated the usage of the selection of power screw ups relative to the selection of drives.

Backblaze recorded the failure charges of its hard drives over Q3, at the side of the lifetime reliability of the drives – since April 2013.

Q3 2017 Failure Rates

Model Drive Count Drive Days Drive Failures Annualised Failure Rate
3TB Hard Drives
WD WD30EFRX 180 29,927 1 1.22%
4TB Hard Drives
Toshiba MD04ABA400V 146 13,427 zero zero.00%
WD WD40EFRX 46 four,232 zero zero.00%
HGST HMS5C4040BLE640 15,047 1,419,590 14 zero.36%
HGST HMS5C4040ALE640 6,629 720,083 nine zero.46%
HGST HDS5C4040ALE630 2,490 249,536 four zero.59%
Seagate ST4000DM00zero 33,510 three,152,542 283 three.28%
Seagate ST4000DM001 400 36,783 19 18.85%
Seagate ST4000DX00zero 145 14,083 12 31.10%
5TB/6TB Hard Drives
Toshiba MD04ABA500V 45 four,140 zero zero.00%
Seagate ST6000DX00zero 1,882 173,261 1 zero.42%
WD WD60EFRX 441 40,642 2 1.80%
8TB Hard Drives
HGST HUH728080ALE600 45 four,140 zero zero.00%
Seagate ST8000DM002 nine,879 908,298 18 zero.72%
Seagate ST8000NM0055 14,404 982,738 28 1.04%
10TB/12TB Hard Drives
Seagate ST10000NM0086 1,220 12,500 zero zero.00%
Seagate ST12000NM0007 20 500 zero zero.00%

Lifetime Failure Rates


Drive Count Annualised Failure Rate

3TB Hard Drives

WD WD30EFRX 180 five.13%

4TB Hard Drives

HGST HMS5C4040BLE640 15,047 zero.50%
HGST HMS5C4040ALE640 6,629 zero.60%
HGST HDS5C4040ALE630 2,490 zero.82%
Toshiba MD04ABA400V 146 1.10%
WD WD40EFRX 46 1.90%
Seagate ST4000DM00zero 33,510 three.00%
Seagate ST4000DX00zero 145 nine.90%
Seagate ST4000DM001 400 20.30%

5TB/6TB Hard Drives

Seagate ST6000DX00zero 1,882 1.20%
Toshiba MD04ABA500V 45 1.70%
WD WD60EFRX 441 four,60%

8TB Hard Drives

Seagate ST8000DM002 nine,879 1.10%
Seagate ST8000NM0055 14,404 1.20%
HGST HUH728080ALE600 45 1.70%

10TB/12TB Hard Drives

Seagate ST10000NM0086 1,220 zero.00%
Seagate 12000NM0007 20 zero.00%

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